[ Hera ] Hera 紫外線霧墊裸體 15 克 # 13 象牙白 ( 釘書釘補充包 )

[ Hera ] Hera 紫外線霧墊裸體 15 克 # 13 象牙白 ( 釘書釘補充包 ), Korean, 化妝品 , Hera, 83483-JP, , koreanmall




1.A radiant and plump complexion filled with moisture from within Mineral Clay Water EX, fortified with high molecular moisturizing ingredients,

helps retain moisture in the skin to give a healthy, hydrated skin. 2.Hypertonic Radiance technology brings out moisture to the skin's surface

to create a plump skin with a dewy glow. 3.Enhanced antioxidant effect protects the skin against external irritants. 4.Antioxidants in Smart

Vector UV Complex are released when exposed to sunlight. To form a protective barrier on the skin's surface to protect it against external irritants.
5.An ultra fine, lightweight formula that seamlessly glides onto the skin. Ultrafine Dispersion technology creates a lightweight foundation formula

for a seamless and natural looking coverage. 6.Light Touch Powder, formulated with skin friendly amino acid, allows a fresh, natural,

and translucent coverage.


[How to use]

Use in the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine. (It works as sunblock, makeup base and foundation.)

Take the content by pressing the sponge with a puff, and pat it onto the face.








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[ Hera ] Hera 紫外線霧墊裸體 15 克 # 13 象牙白 ( 釘書釘補充包 )

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